Nirayum puthariyum
Karkidaka masacharanam
About the Temple
Sri Easwaramangalam Siva Temple is one of the prominent siva temples of Malabar region of Kerala. It is situated in Naduvath on the Ooty-Guruvayur highway near Wandoor in Malappuram district, Kerala. Here, the idol of Lord Siva with Parvathi is facing west and showering blessings in all directions. The "Upadevas" (Sub-deities) are Lord Ganapthy, Lord Ayyappa, Goddess Bhagavathy, Naga and Dampathy Rakshassu.

It is believed that the temple is about 1500 years old. In 1983, (late) Sri Naduvathmana Valia Subramannian Namboothirippad legally handed over the temple to a committee consisting of prominent local devotees. Since then the committee undertook various development programs and renovation works. The highlights among them are the construction of a Mukhamandapam, Vathilmaadam, Nalambalam, separate shrines for Sub-deities, temple pond ,auditorium, copper coated flag post(kodimaram), aanakottil(nadappura) ,office building etc.

In 1994, punaprathishta was done under the supervision of temple thanthri Sri.Andaladi Sankaran Namboodiripad on the Pooyam day of Mithunam month. The celebration of the annual temple festival (5 days) was started in the year 1999 and is being conducted then onwards. The festival starts in Pooyyam day of Makaram month (as per Malayalam calendar) and ends with a group feast (samooha sadhya) with the participation of thousands of people from all religions.